Chef Subarna has spent years teaching others how to improve their cooking skills and feel more comfortable in the kitchen. Gather your friends for a lesson and experience new dishes that you might not have tried before. Besides learning many tricks of the trade, you will learn about the origins and cultural influences of the dishes you prepare, and you’ll have fun!

 Why cooking lessons with Subarna?

– You are new to throwing parties and aren’t sure where to start,

– You want to get a group of friends together to do something different,

– You started a new wellness program and need healthy cooking inspiration,

– You want to know how to best prepare those local farmers market vegetables, or    expand your vegetarian options,

-You want to learn a different cuisine such as Indian, Thai, Korean, Moroccan, Nepali, California Baja, or German,

-You want to improve your techniques for roasting, stewing, braising, etc.,

– And much more!

Private Group Cooking Demo with Meal

Subarna also provides group lessons for socializing in a fun and different setting—think of corporate team-building functions or monthly group gatherings.

These cooking demonstrations can be in your conference room or at a community gathering site. Subarna demonstrates some of the dishes and shares tips on the food preparation and cooking techniques. He tells stories along the way about the food and cultures. At the end, you get to enjoy the meal. Feel free to bring your favorite wines or other drinks.